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When you're in a need of a break, CDA Care are here to help

Everybody needs some time for themselves, even more so when they care for someone else. This is where respite care can be integral to you and your carer's routine.

Whether it's covering a two-week holiday, a short break, or needed urgently because of sickness or a family emergency, we’re here when you need us to offer one-to-one care and support.

With 24 years' experience and a team of carers all trained to provide the highest standard of care possible, we're here to make sure your loved one has the right support even if you're not around. And because we're regulated by the Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), you can have a few days' rest safe in the knowledge your loved one is safe and has everything they need.

What is respite care?

Respite care is a temporary arrangement offered by our trained carers for Older People and Younger Adults or those that need extra support following an operation or illness, or while their regular carer takes a well-earned break from the demanding duties of being a full time carer.

Caring for another person can be physically and mentally demanding, and much more than purely handling the day-to-day tasks. Especially when caring for long periods at a time, the emotional strain can take its toll. Respite care is there to provide your main carer with a break while still ensuring your care needs are met.

Respite care can be provided through:

  • Live-in care – where the carer lives in your house, offering support and company day and night
  • Visiting care – if you need some extra support for a just a few hours each day or each week

You might also need to arrange short-term care if you have to attend a family emergency or other commitments.

Respite care ensures that the person you are supporting always has someone there to help them if ever you’re not around.

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